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About Salafi Nikah

Salafi Nikah provides an online evironment for muslims to find their life partner. Our services are strictly for Muslims and for those who can follow the rules in Islam about marriage. You may not find services simliar to other matrimonial sites in Salafi Nikah.

salafi nikah

What's new in salafi nikah?

The new version of comes with more user friendly and new features. Now it is easy for you to contact, group and filter interested prospects in highly secure and Islamic manner. Notifications and email alerts about requests and other activities makes you feel staying connected to the website.


Our features

  • 100% Islamic

    100% Islamic

    Salafi Nikah works entirely complying with the Islamic values and principles regarding marriage. Only a Waliyy can open and manage the account for a girl on Salafi Nikah.

  • 100% security

    100% security

    We are committed to the safety and security of your account and personal information and give more preference to protect your privacy.

  • Serving Globally

    Serving Globally

    We don't limit our service to a particular region, it extends throughout the globe, making it possible for you to find your match from anywhere.

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    Advance Features

    Salafi Nikah is one of rare matrimonial sites, where a Muslim man & woman can seek their life partners with 100% security & trust.

Our Plans and Pricing

Why we don't give free account?
  • 1$1 day
  • 2$5 days
  • 5$15 days
  • 10$2 months
  • 15$6 months
  • 25$1 year